Influenced by writings and thoughts of  Eckhart Tolle, Gary Weber, Francis Lucille, Rupert Spira, Byron Katie, Shinzen Young and Jed McKenna these series of discussions follow a path as outlined by Jac O'Keeffe in her book Born to be Free.


Inquiry into the nature of self is useful as it can eventually lead the practitioner to a state of mental clarity wherein the suffering caused by an overactive mind has no foothold. Some call this state of mind the awakened state, others say it is enlightenment… whatever the definition, being free from the unending mental chatter that unnecessarily fills our heads is a blessing, and above all, a release.


In this state of being, the here and now, there is room for everything to happen. It does not mean that suddenly all suffering ceases, evil is obliterated or that one resides in a permanently blissful state.


It means being able to disengage from overthinking, finding space for silence to grow within and being increasingly less reactive to seemingly outward stimuli that appear to imbalance us.


The time is now.


Self Inquiry