Subscription based online counseling:

 Six 50 minute sessions pre paid at 7,000 jpy per session  

   * conditions:

           - sessions are pre-booked (either weekly - or every two weeks)

           - any missed sessions are forfeit.

Tokyo Counseling is committed to ensuring quality counseling for individuals experiencing stress and change in their lives.

Counseling Fees

Face to face counseling:

* Sundays - 9am to 5pm

* At a dedicated private office.

* 60 minutes at jpy 15,000 via Paypal  (to cover room charges) - Applicable from April 2021

Online: Applicable from April 2021

* 50 minutes at jpy 12,000.

        -  refer to Subscription packages below for discounts

* cash in advance payment through Paypal

* I use secure telehealth software


The advantages of an online service is that clients can access counseling from their homes without having to travel to Tokyo.


Online counselling sessions are time efficient and accessible. The platform that is used helps in ensuring that client confidentiality is maintained.