Maarten Nico Mulholland

With over 25 years experience in education and counseling, I am able to offer a supportive perspective that will help bring clarity in times of difficulty. I begin with a Client Centred approach, giving time to the client to present issues in  an open and non-judgemental environment. As together we identify issues to work on we can decide which approach is best. CBT works to bring clarity reasonably quickly and is effective in establishing change through psychoeducation and awareness raising techniques. A longer term approach may see elements of Narrative Therapy and ACT being engaged in order to look at how we are connected to the world we live in, gain an acceptance of where we currently are and then develop a vision for ourselves as we move forward. For clients facing existential issues, Existential Therapy looks to the challenges we have in facing our mortality and the legacy we leave to others.

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MA Counselling, MA TESOL